Meet the Scholars

Meet the scholars



Biology Scholars are selected through a competitive application process for each Institute. Scholars are biologists who individually investigate their teaching and contribute to a larger community-of-practice where work is grounded in a collective understanding about undergraduate education in the life sciences. Scholars move from individual scholarship in student inquiry to community participants serving as peer mentors and role models in their departments, institutions, and professional societies. Over 270 Scholars have been trained since 2005 and are a part of the Biology Scholars Alumni Network.




Map of Scholars
Biology Scholars can be found all over the world. As leaders in biology education reform, they make great speakers at campus events and conferences. 

Scholar Directory
The Biology Scholars Directory includes entries for all Scholars who have participated in the program since 2005.

Alumni Interviews
Fifteen Scholar Alumni have been interviewed about their participation in the Program and share how the experience has affected their teaching and professional lives. Take some time to read their stories and the advice Scholars have for prospective applicants.