ASM Biology Scholars Program: Eligibility & Application




Biology Scholars are selected through a competitive application process for each Training Course. Scholars are biologists who individually investigate their teaching and contribute to a larger community-of-practice where work is grounded in a collective understanding about undergraduate education in the life sciences. Scholars move from individual scholarship in student inquiry to community participants serving as peer mentors and role models in their departments, institutions, and professional societies.

Selection Criteria and Requirements

Applying to the Scholars program requires thoughtful consideration of one's current teaching practices and
the ability to express future goals. Since each course serves a difference audience of faculty who may be at various points in their scholarly journey to improve student learning, applicants should carefully review the goals of the course to which they are applying. For specific inquiries about eligibility or any other general information questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Upon acceptance into the program, Scholars in all three courses will be required to:

  • Complete all assignments relevant to the Biology Scholar experience
  • Participate in a multi-day course in North Bethesda, MD at their own expense
  • Present their work within 18 months at a national conference or through a national publication
  • Participate in an online community of Biology Scholars for at least 5 years after graduation
  • Establish and regularly update their record in the online Biology Scholars Directory
  • Share their work with colleagues on campus
  • Share their work with colleagues regionally and nationally through presentations and/or publications
  • Participate in five years of tracking their professional development by ASM evaluators

Applying to the Biology Scholars Program

Applicants need to complete an online application providing general information about themselves and their current institution. Candidates applying to ANY of the three Courses in the Biology Scholars Program: Assessment, Education Research, or Writing and Publishing, must complete an online application through ASM's electronic system:

Candidates should apply to the course that best suits their professional needs. The BSP Application Review Committee may contact applicants to clarify the information provided and/or make recommendations that the applicant attend another course based the strengths of their application.

Preparing the Application

All application materials must be submitted by midnight PST March 1, 2016 in order for the application to be reviewed for the 2016 Biology Scholars Program.

In order to initiate the application process, all sections of the 2016 Biology Scholars Program Application must be completed. We have provided a preview below of the information that applicants will need in hand to complete the form:

1) General Information

In this section, applicants will be asked to answer general questions about their professional field, institutional information, teaching experience, among others.

2) Applicant Supporting Documents

Each applicant must provide supporting documents detailing their professional experience and goals in attending the selected BSP Course. As early as possible, applicants should enter their professional information, assemble the required information, and prepare answers to the required essay questions. Detailed instructions on how to complete and submit each of the following supporting documents are included in the 2016 Biology Scholars Program Application.

A) Professional Activities Questions. This 4-section document is designed to collect important information about each candidate's teaching profile and experience. All 4 sections must be completed.

B) BSP Course Essay. Candidates must complete the essay questions corresponding to the BSP Course that they are applying to.

C) 2-page curriculum vitae of related professional activities. Candidates must submit a 2-page CV that includes information relevant to the BSP Course to which they are applying.

3) Letters of Support

An Institutional Support Form and one Letter of Support from a Colleague are required for applicants applying to the Biology Scholars Program. Detailed instructions on how to complete and submit each of these documents will be sent to the reference provider of your choice through the application system.

A) BSP Institutional Support Form. This electronic form must be completed by a supervisor of the
candidate and may include, but is not limited to, Department Chairpersons, Deans, Provosts, etc. The answers on the form should detail possible infrastructure and institutional support available to the applicant during the institute.

B) Letter of support from a Colleague. The reference provider submitting this letter of support must be familiar with the applicant's teaching and interest in student learning.